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 Global Basis offers four primary categories of service, which are delivered as customized solutions for each business we serve. Our core competencies include customer acquisition, enhancement and ancillary programs, strategic partnerships, and Hispanic marketing.

Customer Acquisition

Global Basis is experienced in the complete development and management of multi-channel direct response campaigns including internet marketing, direct mail, inbound and outbound telemarketing, television, radio, print, retail, mobile, door to door sales, events, and partnership marketing. We specialize in enrollment, subscription, and membership types of products; our vertical markets include financial services, club programs, publishing, online subscription services, and insurance products. We also work with selected single-sale product direct to consumer marketers that fit well into the same marketing channels utilized by our enrollment product clients. 

Enhancement and Ancillary Programs

Global Basis also works closely with clients to develop customized marketing programs that provide value-added products and services to existing customers. These programs enable our clients and partners to enhance customer loyalty and generate substantial incremental revenue at the same time. Enhancement programs may involve partnerships with third-party product providers, new in-house product development, embedding additional components into existing products, and list brokering. Enhancement programs may be structured on the basis of retail or wholesale deal models. We deploy enhancement programs via several media channels and selling techniques, targeted to ensure relevance, efficiency, and value to customers, and to gain leverage from available billing and payment mechanisms. We work with market leaders in several product categories and bring a broad portfolio of options and capabilities to our clients and marketing partners. 

Strategic Partnerships

Global Basis excels at developing reciprocal relationships between businesses that leverage the resources of each company to the benefit of both. We help clients to identify lucrative strategic alliance prospects and opportunities; develop strategies for penetrating vertical markets; build relationships with partners; and to implement and manage these relationships and programs. 

Hispanic Marketing

Global Basis offers the service categories described above, plus complete strategic marketing programs and executions designed for the exploding Hispanic market. Building a successful marketing program for the Hispanic segment requires more than simple translation — it demands a culturally-relevant integrated approach encompassing product development, marketing creative, media, payment mechanisms, awareness of diverse market segments, and end-to-end customer service developed and managed specifically for this market. Global Basis offers clients in-depth consultation to understand their opportunities with the Hispanic market, strategic planning to penetrate this market, and turnkey support in designing, launching, and operating a Hispanic marketing program — and support in building the internal competencies to take ownership of the initiative. 

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